Spiced Salmon in Paper

Fish.  So many love it but are terrified of overcooking such a delicate swimmer.  Now, you can be fearless and cook your fish en papilotte, a classic French technique (using parchment paper) for a very healthful and easy way to cook fish.  As with all things Sukhis, we like to add depth of flavor and it’s easy with our Home Chef Collection of spices.  For this recipe, we used the Gobi Aloo spice packet, but your favorite one will work well.  Also, experiment with your favorite fish and vegetable combinations, including cod, mahi mahi, thinly sliced fennel, leek, carrot, cauliflower, etc.  The reward is a very lean yet super moist and flavorful dish that cooks up in minutes.

Salmon in Paper with Lemon

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