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Vegan Wagon: Hop on for the Best from the Vegan World

By: Team Sukhi's Gourmet Indian Foods — @sukhis

We truly think that ‘Vegan is the New Black’!

And since you are here, reading this article—congratulations! Wonder why? Well, because you’re choosing to make healthier and more conscious food choices! How about we celebrate with delicious vegan meal ideas that are sure to please your palate! What’s better? Our curation is inspired by individuals just like you!

kids love the chickpea curry

1. Chickpea Curry Platter

@mamaservesplants‘s creation is a sight for your eyes and delight for your belly. The showstopper of this dish is the roasted tomato curry, which comes with kale and chickpeas. Serve it over a bed of quinoa/lemon rice. Add sliced avocado and watermelon to complete your meal. You’ll love every bite.

vegan samosas are delicious

2. Samosa Burrito

Inspired by @bearfootchef‘s wonderful recipe, this sumptuous burrito is what vegan dreams are made of. Take a tortilla and spread a base of lemon rice on it. This lends a tangy flavor. Now, deconstruct baked samosas (potato or chickpea) on the rice bed. To treat your taste buds, add some cilantro chutney (comes with Sukhi’s samosas). Alternatively, choose a dressing as per your liking. Easy and delectable!

vegan tofu curry over a bed of quinoa

3. Tofu Curry with Quinoa

How good does quinoa with a flavorful tofu curry sound! lin.heath‘s amazing bowl helped us discover this combo. Prepare tofu in a curry of your choice and pour it over quinoa. Sautéed kale and beans make for wonderful additions. Season with salt and spices as per your taste. Garnish with cilantro.

4. Curried Pasta

@cheftonychop‘s creation is as unique as it is delicious. Teaming Beyond Meat’s sausage and pasta, he simmers them in our rich and aromatic curry sauce. How could one not want to try this!

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