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Dal Makhni

Easiest Dal Makhni

A bite of dal makhani satisfies your taste buds like anything. The creamy and buttery flavor is something that makes you fall for the dal… Read more »

Rajma Masala, rice, naan and some salad served on a table.

Rajma Masala

Learn how to make Rajma Masala, the famous hearty kidney bean dish of India! There are many delicious dishes that come from the Indian culture… Read more »

Instant Pot 101, a beginners guide

Instant Pot 101

Want to become an Instant Pot pro? Learn everything there is to know about cooking with an Instant Pot in our new Instant Pot Guide!… Read more »

samosa chaat, full of spices, served with chutney

Samosa Chaat

Learn everything there is to know about the all-too delicious Samosa Chaat, a legendary Indian snack! I know we’ve talked about the infamous samosa, which… Read more »