Fun with Chutney and Pickles

Indian food lovers know that chutney and pickles are a much-loved accompaniment to most main dishes.  But think of Sukhi’s chutneys and pickles as a really easy and delicious way to add a hit of flavor to almost any dish you create.

Here are just a few of our favorite things to do with chutneys and pickles:

  1. Spread chutney on hot flat bread with grilled chicken or vegetables
  2. Stir your favorite flavor into a marinade for chicken, beef, or fish
  3. Whisk into a vinaigrette to drizzle over grilled vegetables or a salad
  4. In lieu of mayonnaise, spread chutney on a sandwich; a great combo: your favorite cheese, sun-warm tomatoes, spring onion, and fresh mint
  5. Stir some chutney or pickle into yogurt or mayo and serve with hot French fries

Tell us how you have fun with chutney.

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