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Sukhi’s Pulao Rice Mix

Home cooks are often intimidated by all the spices needed to create an authentic Indian meal, but Sukhi’s Spice Mixes make cooking Indian food at home super easy.

We all know that an Indian meal wouldn’t be complete without rice, and thanks to Sukhi’s Pulao Rice Complete Spice Mix, you just follow the directions on the packet: Combine the spice mix with a little bit of oil, basmati rice, salt, and water. The spice mix–cumin, cinnamom, clove, cardamom, and bay leaf–has everything you need for a flavorful rice pilaf-style dish. You could also add peas and onion or carrot. Serve with your favorite Sukhi’s Masala or Tandoori dish, raita, and chutney. For more rice dishes, read about Sukhi’s Favorite Fall Harvest Dish.

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