Roasted Pumpkin Korma

This time of year is always a pumpkin extravaganza. Between pre-Halloween parties and Thanksgiving celebrations, pumpkins in all shapes and sizes are the feature. Kids love to carve them, moose love to eat them (I found out the hard way by leaving one out on my porch), and the food lovers among us horde the seeds for roasting.

From local farmers’ markets and supermarkets, you can find all manner of winter squash, and because of their natural sweetness, they can be cooked into both savory and sweet dishes—think creamy soups or nutty brittles and custards. I like the sweetness of pumpkin with the spices of Sukhi’s Korma Curry Sauce, rich with cashew nuts. Adding a bit of coconut milk tempers the heat, but you could also use vegetable or chicken broth. As for adding to the pumpkin, try a mix of your favorite legumes and veggies, including chick peas, cauliflower, butternut or acorn squash. If you’re feeling meaty, serve this with grilled lamb or chicken. I find that adding some of the roasted veggies on top of the sauce makes for a pretty presentation. —Kim Sunée

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