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How I Cook with Hannah Bostdorff

Each month we profile a food enthusiast—from a famous food blogger juggling daily life hurdles while maintaining a glorious Instagram profile to a dedicated parent who is constantly challenged to keep everyone at home well fed and happy. What’s common though? These are all real stories of everyday heroes—stories of people like you. This month we got talking to a very inspiring Hannah. Let’s meet her.

Hannah Bostdorff: Defining that it’s Never too Early be an Achiever

“I started ‘Hannah Harvesting Health’ at the end of my sophomore year of college. I just wanted some accountability to help me eat in a way that would make me feel my best + nourish my body. Since I was working a summer job at that time, I began posting about my healthy lunches to my Instagram account. And that set the ball rolling. Once back at school, the dining hall was definitely not turning out to be the best setup for Insta-worthy pics, so I took up the challenge to get creative with simple recipes that were healthy and yummy! When I was finally able to go home and have an actual kitchen to work in, I started baking more and it was then that I started getting pretty serious with my account.

I must add that my Instagram profile and website are now aimed towards helping others discover ways to ‘harvest their health’—spiritually, physically and mentally. Through creating easy recipes, I showcase that eating healthy food can be fun and it doesn’t have to be time consuming.”

Current Gig: I am currently a college student at the University of Georgia, majoring in Consumer Journalism. And I also run ‘Hannah Harvesting Health’.

The city I call home: Athens, Georgia

Adjective that best describes you: Ambitious

Three quick meals you swear by:

Can’t run my kitchen without (three must-haves):

  • Air fryer
  • Vitamix
  • Spiralizer

Current food obsession: Trader Joe’s ‘harvest salsa’! I love fall foods and this salsa is so good with both chips and roasted veggies.

The cooking technique you can’t do without: Air frying! I love air frying anything and everything I can (especially veggies) and recently got an air fryer cookbook, so I’m excited to get more creative in using it daily.

A balanced and healthy diet to you is…

Truly listening to your body and honoring your cravings. I can’t emphasize enough: finding a good balance that fits you and your lifestyle is key.

What breakfast, lunch and dinner look like for you:

I love eating something different for breakfast each day! It’s an adventure. Breakfast could look like a yogurt bowl with lots of toppings, avocado or nut butter toast, smoothie, banana bread, or even oatmeal.

For lunch, I either eat chickpea pasta with veggies and marinara or a loaded salad.

And for dinner, I either have tacos, a smoothie bowl + avocado toast, or gluten-free pizza!

smoothie bowl

Time hack:

I used to check my email constantly during the day and try to reply to each one that came in, which totally wasted my time! I now aim to reply to most emails at the end of the day and notice that once I start, I can get through them pretty quickly. Having a set time for emails definitely gives me more time to accomplish other tasks during the day.

You say that the main drive behind your blog is to share creative food ideas with others. What’s your most creative recipe to date?

It definitely has to be the ‘Cacao Almond Butter Energy Balls’ . Coated in cacao, chia seeds and almond butter, it is truly delectable. Plus it’s just so easy to make!

Cacao Almond Butter Energy Balls

You talk about cooking with your mom in the kitchen as a child. What’s your favorite memory of cooking with her?

I have so many amazing memories of cooking with my mom, but one of my favorites is when I was younger, we would bake 4 or 5 cakes for my teachers every year! We did this as a ‘thank you’ at the end of each year and during our baking sessions we would put some music on and dance in the kitchen:)

Fitness seems to be an integral part of your life. What’s the one workout that you’d recommend?

I do mix it up but recently I have really been enjoying my walks and yoga. I also love to run and do PopSugar Fitness workouts (available on YouTube).

If you had to talk about food vs exercise…how much does each contribute towards overall health? How do you balance the two?

Some may say that it’s a good 50-50 balance, but I lean more towards food. It truly is the most important aspect of health. What you put in your body is going to affect your health and also, the way you feel. Bottom line…while food and exercise are non-interchangeable, if want to start out with just one, I say start by filling your body with nourishing food that is going to give you the fuel to exercise well.

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