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A cup of Indian Masala Chai


What’s the difference between chai, chai tea, and tea? Is there even a difference?  We’re navigating the somewhat confusing narrative and investigating this pressing matter… Read more »

A cup of turmeric milk with a plate of turmeric powder and honey

Traditional Golden Milk

Looking for an immunity boost? We’ve got a super simple recipe that people have sworn by for millennia: Golden Milk! Today’s topic of discussion might… Read more »


Got Lassi?

Summer just beckons for chilled creamy milkshake-like concoctions. Instead of the heavy, rich ice-cream laden drink, think lassi instead. Traditional lassi is a savory blend… Read more »


Curry Leaf Vodka Tonic

This refreshing vodka tonic recipe is a twist on the classic cocktail. Made with fresh mint and curry leaves, you’re sure to love it! You… Read more »